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About the project "Traditional Arts of Bucovina - a catalyst for development in contemporary tourism"
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About the project "Traditional Arts of Bucovina - a catalyst for development in contemporary tourism"

Project "Traditional Arts of Bucovina - array of contemporary tourism development" implemented by the Bucovina Cultural Center, with financial support from the National Cultural Fund Administration, aims to boost traditional crafts by bringing authentic artifacts of the reach of tourists, along with information about Creation and workshop it, in a context other than strictly commercial. Also, the interaction between artisansand tour operators are encouraged to identify and promote common interests, as base for conservation and enhancement of traditional art.

This interaction leads to the development of permanent ethnographic knowledge of staff pensions, with the purpose to inform tourists and increase their interest in traditional art.
By implementing the project, artisans are encouraged to use new technologies and techniques in marketing activities that you carry.

The overall objective is the authentic traditional crafts in Bucovina valuing by placing them in the tourist circuit.

1. Making a cooperation between genuine craftsmen 21 (certified) and 10 tour operators (travel agents) in order to diversify tourism in Bucovina offers.
2. Promoting and enhancing the authentic traditional arts among the 10 structures (hotels and hostels) identified by classical instruments (10 boards with maps of promotion and the promotion of 10 stands of fir wood carved with specific Bucovina)and the ICT tools (interactive website).
3. Facilitate collaboration between artisans, tour operators and tourist establishments in Bucovina.

Direct beneficiaries Target group:
21 artisans will be selected in the project, regardless of the specific craft,
10 representatives of tour operators,
10 representatives of tourist structures (hotels and boarding houses) located on the tourist circuit,
3 craftsmen of Ukraine will know the purpose of this project;

Indirect Beneficiaries:
Bucovina other artisans who are in the database of the Center for Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Suceava (400 artisans);
numerous tourists annually visiting Bucovina (200,000 visitors).

Project Activities:

1. Working meeting with two partners.
2.Acquisition process.
3. Design and implementation of promotional materials.
4. Launching and promoting the project.
5. Identifying and contacting participants in the work meetings.
6. Organizing and conducting meetings so.
7. Location of panels and promotional stands.
8. Monitoring, evaluation and reporting activities.

 - a network of functional cooperation consists of 21 representatives and 20 authentic artisans operatorisi tour tourist structures
-3 tours to promote cultural tourism in Bucovina, identified and promoted
- 10 stands for the promotion of art specifically Bucovina Bucovina traditional structures located in 10 (hotels and hostels)
- 10 billboards promoting the tour, located on the three tours
-an online platform (functional interactive website) to promote artisans, cultural tourism in Bucovina
- national and international tourists increased interest from traditional crafts and the achievement of these crafts
- increased interest in crafts and trades in general, in the media, political and administrative environments and business environments.

About the Cultural Center  Bucovina

 Cultural Center Bucovina Suceava County Council operates under the authority is a public institution that offers cultural district with a role in ensuring social cohesion and community access to culture. The center was founded in 2009 by merging the County Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture with the School of Arts and Irimescu Ion Ciprian Porumbescu Artistic Ensemble. Bydepartments, the Centre manages an annual basis, over 200 actions.

 An important aspect is the activity of the preservation and promotion of national and international ethnographic dowry of Bucovina, which includes traditional crafts: wood art, pottery, Easter eggs, iconography, carpet weaving, leather working, weaving, manufacturing of household.


Echipa de proiect

VASILE URSACHI- General Manager
Licensed in history, journalist, poet and specialist in cultural communication.
General Manager Cultural Centre "Bucovina" State of the Union
Professional Journalists, the Society of Writers and Bukovina Military Writers Society


ELENA BADALUTA- Assistant Project Manager
-  Degree in law, being accredited by the Ministry of Education and

Research for occupation Auditor in quality, and computerized

accounting, legal, HR Advisor - Cultural Center "Bucovina", member of the

Union College of Legal Advisers in Romania.

CARMEN CHIRAP- responsabil financiar 
degree in economics, master in management services firms, tourism,

trade, course accredited by the Ministry of Education
Research for the occupation of Project Manager,
 Economist - Cultural Center " Bucovina"

ELVIRA ROMANIUC- expert ethnographer
Director of the Museum of Popular Traditions in Bucovina;

rofessional ethnographer, author of numerous specialized studies

and museum issues, initiating programs to ethnographic research

but also the ethnic nationalities Bucovina Central Europe, author and

partner in projects with European funding, organizing exhibitions local,

regional, national and international

VICTOR T. RUSU - expert photographer
Artist photographer, president of the Photographic

Artists Bucovina (UAFB) of the Consultative Association of  Photographic Artists

Romania (AAFR). He likes to look at the world through the lens

of his camera and capture the fleeting play of light.